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NutraIngredients-Asia 推出中国时事通讯

14-Jun-2017 - 欢迎阅览第一期 中国时事通讯。您可以在这里一览有关营养、健康和膳食补充剂行业的新闻和解读,并且能够阅览中文和英文两个版本。

NutraIngredients-Asia launches China newsletter  has launched a China newsletter to provide news and insights about the nutrition, health and dietary supplements industry in both Chinese and English.

一年内持续补充叶酸能够提升老年人的认知能力:中国随机对照试验 (RCT)

中国的一项新试验发现:在患有轻度认知功能障碍 (MCI) 的老年人的饮食中每日补充 400 mg 叶酸,持续 12 个月,其认知能力表现出显著提升并且体内炎症有所减轻。 

Folic acid and dementia: Supplementation benefits elderly people with mild cognitive decline, China RCT

Supplementing diets with 400mg of folic acid daily for 12 months significantly improved cognitive performance and reduced inflammation among elderly people with mild cognitive impairment.

沙棘油提取物缓解 2 型糖尿病胰岛素抵抗:研究

新的体内和体外研究表明,沙棘果油中的棕榈油酸对减轻 2 型糖尿病症状有积极作用。 

Sea buckthorn oil extract helps alleviate type 2 diabetes insulin resistance: Study

The palmitoleic acid from sea buckthorn fruit oil can play a positive role in reducing type 2 diabetes symptoms, according to new in vivo and in vitro studies. 



Heart health and weight management: Which fruit juices offer the most benefits?

The types of fruit juices that appear to offer the most help in tackling cardiovascular disease and aiding weight management have been highlighted in a new academic review.


早产儿和不断增加的癌症病例使得对静脉营养液的需求日益增加,中国有望率先将该地区肠外营养市场的增长推向 2023 年。

China driving growth of Asia’s parenteral nutrition market

China is set to spearhead the growth of the region’s parenteral nutrition market to 2023, with pre-term births and rising cancer cases responsible for the growing need of intravenous feeding solutions.


中国西北农林科技大学的研究人员写道,中国红枣 (Z. Jujube) 多糖具有提高免疫力、抗氧化、抗肿瘤、保肝和降血糖等作用。

Chinese red dates: Ultrasonic power and microwave extraction boosts functionality

Polysaccharides from Chinese red dates can provide a host of functional benefits, but certain extraction methods can boost their yields, a review reveals.