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NutraIngredients-Asia 行业现状调查第二部分:大批列新规受到业界热烈欢迎

30-Aug-2017 - 根据我们首次发布的补充剂、健康和营养调查说明,过去两年颁布的一大批补充剂和功能性食品新法规或即将颁布的新法规均受到亚太地区业界的广泛欢迎。

NutraIngredients-Asia state of the industry survey part 2: Raft of new regulations broadly welcomed by the sector

The raft of new supplement and functional food regulations introduced in the past two years, or those imminently pending, have been broadly welcomed by the industry in APAC, according to the findings of our inaugural State of the Supplements, Health & Nutrition Survey.



Poorly educated parents need to be the focus for China's child nutrition strategies

Increasing nutrition knowledge amongst the most poorly educated parents in China needs to become a priority in order to improve childrens' diets and reduce obesity, academics claim. 


根据一篇新医学综述,中药葛根芩连汤联合二甲双胍可协同增强 Ⅱ 型糖尿病患者的血糖控制。

TCM formula combined with metformin has greater hyperglycaemic impact: Study

The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) Gegen Qinlian, when combined with metformin, synergistically enhances glycaemic control in type 2 diabetic patients, according to a new review.

益力多、杜邦、达能、屈臣氏加入在新加坡举行的首届 Probiota Asia 峰会的豪华阵容

来自众多主要益生菌制造商和供应商的高层发言人将加入国际学术界,莅临 10 月在新加坡举行的首届 Probiota Asia 峰会。

Yakult, DuPont, Danone and Watsons join stellar line-up for first Probiota Asia summit in Singapore

Top-level speakers from a raft of major probiotics manufacturers and suppliers will join international academics to present at our first Probiota Asia summit in Singapore in October.

NutraIngredients-Asia 行业现状调查第一部分:乐观情绪高涨,财政繁荣,但新的融资依然面临挑战。

在 NutraIngredients-Asia 首次发布的补充剂、健康和营养调查说明中,有四分之三的受访者认为其公司今年的财务业绩将好于去年。

NutraIngredients-Asia state of the industry survey part 1: Optimism high and finances buoyant, but new funding still a challenge

Three out of four respondents in the first NutraIngredients-Asia State of the Supplements, Health & Nutrition Survey believe their firms will post better financial results this year than last.