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30-Aug-2017 - 複式発酵を施した米ぬかの補充は、潰瘍性大腸炎のマウスモデルで腸内炎症性疾患予防を促進。

Dual-fermented rice bran helps prevent ulcerative colitis: Japan study

Supplementation with rice bran subjected to dual fermentation can help prevent intestinal inflammatory disorders in a mouse model of ulcerative colitis.

NutraIngredients-Asia産業調査 第二報:多くの新しい規制は関連部門に歓迎されている


NutraIngredients-Asia state of the industry survey part 2: Raft of new regulations broadly welcomed by the sector

The raft of new supplement and functional food regulations introduced in the past two years, or those imminently pending, have been broadly welcomed by the industry in APAC, according to the findings of our inaugural State of the Supplements, Health & Nutrition Survey.

レスベラトロールが2型糖尿病患者の心臓の健康に効果:日本のランダム 化比較試験より


Resveratrol boosts heart health of type 2 diabetes patients: Japanese RCT

Resveratrol supplementation could provide heart benefits for people with type 2 diabetes by alleviating arterial stiffness and lowering oxidative stress, a Japanese study has found.

ヤクルト、デュポン、ダノン、ワトソンなどそうそうたる企業がシンガポールで開催される第一回Probiota Asia サミットに参加

プロバイオティクスの主要なメーカー、サプライヤーの多数が10月にシンガポールで開催される国際学術交流の場である弊社主催 第一回Probiota アジア サミットで発表する予定です。

Yakult, DuPont, Danone and Watsons join stellar line-up for first Probiota Asia summit in Singapore

Top-level speakers from a raft of major probiotics manufacturers and suppliers will join international academics to present at our first Probiota Asia summit in Singapore in October.

NutraIngredients-Asia産業調査 第一報:明るい見通しと上向きな財政、新たな資金調達はまだ課題として残る


NutraIngredients-Asia state of the industry survey part 1: Optimism high and finances buoyant, but new funding still a challenge

Three out of four respondents in the first NutraIngredients-Asia State of the Supplements, Health & Nutrition Survey believe their firms will post better financial results this year than last.