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プロバイオティクス/プレバイオティクス: クローン病に対する有効性の検証には大規模な臨床試験が必要

23-Mar-2017 - 日本の研究者達によると、サプリメントや食事療法がクローン病治療において積極的に作用するかを理解するには、大規模な無作為化比較試験(RCT)が必要とのことである。

Probiotics/prebiotics: Large-scale trials needed to asses Crohn’s disease potential

Large trials are desperately needed to understand if supplements and dietary interventions can play a positive role in the treatment of Crohn’s disease, according to academics in Japan.


韓国と日本の研究者は、少量のノビレチンを長期間摂取すると、体重を減らさずに、 炎症、インスリン抵抗性、脂質異常症、非アルコール性脂肪性肝疾患などの原因となる高脂肪の食生活に陥らない効果があるという研究結果を導いている。

Citrus compound protects against effects of high-fat diet, study from Korea and Japan reports

Long-term supplementation with low-dose nobiletin can protect against high-fat diet induced inflammation, insulin resistance, dyslipidaemia and liver disease, despite not contributing to weight loss, a study by Korean and Japanese academics found.

Gallery: Six of the top functional foods, health and supplement products launched at FoodEx Japan

This year’s FoodEx Japan show featured well over 3,000 exhibitors, from more than 80 countries, and attracted over 80,000 delegates.

Probiotics and ageing: DNA sequencing shows how bacteria evolves from birth to centenarians

How gut microbiota composition changes with age has been charted using state-of- the-art DNA sequencing in Japan, revealing which strains are most prevalent at different stages of life.

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