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TCM herbal extract mixture helps lower diabetes risk: Chinese mouse study

A combination of refined herbal extracts can help to lower the risk of diabetes, according to a Chinese study.

Kiwis disregarding the impact of diet choices on cholesterol

People in New Zealand need to be more aware of how increasing polyunsaturated fats, dietary fibre, and plant sterols in their diets can help cut cholesterol.

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Black gold? Rhizome extract said to have anti-ageing and anti-diabetic effects

Black ginger extract could have important implications for healthy ageing and diabetes, as well as athletic performance.

WATCH: Can saffron star in Japan? Supplement firm’s CEO on his personal mission to promote cognitive health benefits

Japanese consumers have little knowledge of saffron - either as a food ingredient or a supplement - let alone its potential cognitive health benefits. But one man is on a...

Plant power: Chinese firm files patent for Cistanche tubulosa against muscle loss

A Chinese pharmaceutical firm has filed a patent for use of a rare, native desert plant to delay muscle loss and age-associated damage.

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The four key health concerns driving Chinese consumers to spend more on functional foods

Demand for functional food and drink has shot up in APAC, particularly in China, where 80% of the population claims to want to make their diets more healthy. And four...

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Indulgence and affluence: Nutrition firms urged to appeal to consumers' emotions for APAC sales success

Supplement and functional food firms must appeal to consumers’ emotions if they want new products to sell well in Asia's more developed nations, according to Frost & Sullivan’s Asia-Pacific director...


Ageing APAC: Onus on nutrition industry to persuade younger consumers to act now

APAC’s nutrition industry needs to do more to educate consumers that preventative approaches leading to healthy ageing must be adopted at a younger age.

Blackmores' full-year profits slump by 42%, but firm bullish over China recovery

Blackmores' net profits fell by 42% to A$58m for the last financial year and sales slipped by 3% to A$693m, amid a significant decline in sales to Chinese consumers through Australian...

TCM formula combined with metformin has greater hyperglycaemic impact: Study

The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) Gegen Qinlian, when combined with metformin, synergistically enhances glycaemic control in type 2 diabetic patients, according to a new review.

Evergreen oak bark extract aids kidney stone treatment: South Korean study

Extract from the bark of an evergreen oak species that grows in certain Asian countries could be used to treat inflammation, as well as kidney and bladder stones, a South...

Cinnamon supplements alleviate metabolic syndrome in Asian Indians: RCT

Regular cinnamon supplementation counters all aspects of metabolic syndrome in Indian adults, according to a trial led by the University of Delhi.

Resveratrol a safe and effective option for endometriosis treatment: Review

Resveratrol could be a safe and effective long-term treatment for endometriosis due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, according to a new review.

Blackmores announces appointment of Richard Henfrey as new CEO

Blackmores chairman Stephen Chapman announced today the appointment of Richard Henfrey as the company’s new CEO, following the resignation of former CEO Christine Holgate .

Healthier wine? Fortification with white rose petal extract increases polyphenol content

Wine fortified with white rose petal extract (WRE) can provide added health benefits due to its higher antioxidant and polyphenol content, a Korean study has found.

Botanicals and diabetes: Which products show the most promise to help ease Asia's epidemic?

Fenugreek, ivy gourd, Russian tarragon, psyllium and ginger have been identified as some of the most promising botanicals meriting further investigation for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Traditional Korean herb combination can counter prostate inflammation

Ojayeonjonghwan (OJ), a traditional Korean combination of herbs and botanicals, has a positive effect on prostatitis due to its anti-inflammatory properties, according to a recent South Korean study.

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Arjuna’s turmeric extract granted ‘No Questions’ letter from the FDA

Arjuna Naturals Extracts’ BCM-95 turmeric extract has been granted a ‘No Questions’ response letter from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

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OPINION: “Once in a generation” chance to improve Australia’s supplement laws

There is a once in a generation opportunity to achieve a balance between pre and post market activities for supplements regulations in Australia, writes Emma Burchell, head of Regulatory Affairs for Complementary Medicines...

Five key market trends shaping the China supplement landscape for exporters

Chinese demand for supplements and natural products shows no sign of slowing, but would-be exporters need to be mindful of five key trends shaping the market today in order to...

Blue California stakes claim to market for natural ferulic acid

Increasing demand for natural sources of ferulic acid has led Blue California to boost its production capacity of the antioxidant ingredient.

Nutraceuticals boom in New Zealand: Government-backed report seeks to attract new investment

Nutraceuticals and infant formula are now New Zealand’s largest and fastest-growing food and beverage export sectors, with a new government-backed report tipping them for sustained growth and greater financial investment....

UAE officials move to ban health risk 'fake herbal supplements'

Health officials in the United Arab Emirates have moved to clamp down on 11 'dangerous' supplements, which they say pose a serious health risk to the public.

OmniActive targets six-fold increase in APAC business, continues acquisition hunt

OmniActive has signalled its intention to “aggressively expand” across APAC, with plans to open an office in Singapore and increase the region’s share of its global business from around 5%...

Indigenous botanicals: $1.25 million project to study and commercialise Aboriginal plant-based products

The nutritional profile and bioactive compounds of Aboriginal food plants will be assessed as part of a major new research partnership to support the development of an Australian native food industry....