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FI Asia 2017

DuPont: Ageing Asia creating vast potential but infant formula 'challenging for manufacturers'

DuPont is targeting innovation at both ends of the age spectrum as it seeks to meet the vast needs of Asia's ageing societies, while also helping infant formula firms overcome...

Vitafoods Asia 2017

WATCH – Chr. Hansen: 2017 ‘one of our best ever years’ for probiotics in APAC

Chr. Hansen says it has experienced one of its best ever years for APAC probiotics sales, driven by demand from infant nutrition firms and deeper consumer understanding across the region.

Bangladeshi RCT to assess effectiveness of preventive nutrition combinations on childhood stunting

The International Centre for Diarrhoea Disease Research in Bangladesh (ICDDR,B) has begun a community-based RCT to determine the effectiveness of nutrition intervention strategies on childhood stunting.

More nutrients, less energy needed to tackle childhood obesity: Australian analysis

Children and teenagers should consume more nutrient-rich core foods and less energy-rich products, argues a study led by the University of Newcastle in Australia, which also found that portion sizes...

Probiotic supplementation heightens breast milk antioxidant levels: RCT

Lactobacillus supplementation increases antioxidant levels in human breast milk, a new RCT has concluded.

Prenatal vitamin A deficiency linked to cognitive dysfunction in adulthood: Chinese study

Prenatal marginal vitamin A deficiency (mVAD) leads to impaired learning and memory in adulthood, a Chinese study has found.

Poorly educated parents need to be the focus for China's child nutrition strategies

Increasing nutrition knowledge amongst the most poorly educated parents in China needs to become a priority in order to improve childrens' diets and reduce obesity, academics claim. 

NutraIngredients-Asia state of the industry survey part 3: E-commerce and online marketing two of the top trends for APAC firms

The ever-growing importance of e-commerce sales for supplements in APAC was underlined in our first state of the industry survey, with almost 70% of respondents believing the channel will ultimately...

No proven link between vitamin D deficiency and latent TB in young children: Indonesian study

A recent Indonesian study has found no significant association between vitamin D deficiency and latent tuberculosis (TB) in children aged one to five, despite previous assertions to the contrary.

NutraIngredients-Asia state of the industry survey part 2: Raft of new regulations broadly welcomed by the sector

The raft of new supplement and functional food regulations introduced in the past two years, or those imminently pending, have been broadly welcomed by the industry in APAC, according to...

Cure for peanut allergy imminent thanks to Australian scientists

A treatment that offers a long-term cure for children with a fatal peanut allergy could soon be commercially available, thanks to scientists in Melbourne.

Bamboo shoots hold ‘great promise’ as health food and economic driver: Indian study

Bamboo shoots hold great nutritive and economic potential for Northeast India, according to an article by Bodoland University and the Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women.

Probiotics a possible treatment for jaundice in newborn babies: Chinese meta-analysis

Probiotic supplementation might be able to safely and effectively treat jaundice in babies, a Chinese systematic review and meta-analysis found, but researchers say better quality data is required.

Optimal nutrition vital to stopping progress of chronic liver disease in children

Maintaining optimal nutrition in children suffering from chronic liver disease (CLD) is imperative in halting its progress, according to an Indonesian study.

NutraIngredients-Asia state of the industry survey part 1: Optimism high and finances buoyant, but new funding still a challenge

Three out of four respondents in the first NutraIngredients-Asia State of the Supplements, Health & Nutrition Survey believe their firms will post better financial results this year than last....

More manufacturers approved under new Chinese infant formula rules

China’s Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has announced the second batch of infant nutrition companies and products that have been approved under its new registration programme.

FSANZ seeks submissions on consultation over infant formula for special dietary uses

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has released a consultation paper on infant formula products for special dietary use.

Early-life exposure to famine increases risk of dyslipidaemia in women: China study

Exposure to severe famine as a foetus or infant significantly increases the chance of having dyslipidaemia in adulthood for women, analysis of people affected by the Chinese famine has revealed...

Lack of diverse diets affecting mental development of children in rural India

A lack of dietary diversity is affecting the motor, language and social skills of children in one of India's poorest states.

Nestlé backs breastfeeding drive in China as government vows to hit 50% target by 2020

Nestlé in China is backing government drives to increase breastfeeding by holding a number of public events to coincide with World Breastfeeding Week.

China authorities give green light to 217 batches of infant formula after testing

China’s Food and Drug Administration has announced it tested the ingredients of 217 batches of infant formula in June, and that no unqualified samples were found.

Bone metabolism in women of reproductive age affected by vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency interferes with the bone metabolism of healthy women of childbearing age in Beijing, according to a study by Capital Medical University.

China market remains a challenge for Abbott as nutrition sales slip in Q2

Abbott says market conditions in China "remain challenging", following its report that its global nutrition sales decreased 0.6 per cent to $1.73bn in the second quarter.

Nutrition knowledge in both parent and child vital for healthy diets: Japan study

Nutrition campaigns in Japan should be targeted at both children and adults, and not one or the other, in order to increase healthy dietary habits in youngsters, according to a...

Probiotics' positive effect on infant diarrhoea risk may be due to SCFA response: Indian study

The beneficial effects of probiotics in reducing the risk of diarrhoea in children may in part be due to their impact on faecal short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) and branched chain...