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Noodle brands are among those named by CSE for mislabelling

Food brands in India panned over labelling misinformation

By Ankush Chibber

A new report by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) suggests that Indian food brands are resorting to misbranding and misinformation to hide the real quantity of salt, sugar, and fat in their foods.

Traffic lights labelling system, more effective for indicating salt content

Study claims traffic lights more effective

By Ankush Chibber

A new study by a Kiwi university has suggested that a traffic light system for food packaging for foods high in salt would help boost nutrition levels across New Zealand.

High consumption levels of dietary supplements among young, urban Indians

Young urban Indians go wild for supplements

By Ankush Chibber

Easy availability and a growing interest in fitness trends see about 78% of adolescents in urban India consume at least one type of dietary supplement, a survey by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM) said.

Innovative high-dose omega-3 powders from new Indian company

Indian start-up enters omega-3 sector with high-dose powders

By Kacey Culliney

A year-old Indian venture company has isolated the two major fatty acid components of omega-3, DHA and EPA, and developed both into high purity powders; a potentially interesting innovation according to industry expert.

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