Probiota 2020


The Probiota Series​ brings together experts and leaders from global industries and academia under one roof to present top level insights and provide otherwise impossible networking opportunities. Focusing on all things related to prebiotics, probiotics and the microbiome, Probiota 2020​ boasts the best speakers in the industry, discussing the hottest topics, whilst giving you ample opportunity for networking and making those all important connections.

The Probiota 2020 programme provides an opportunity for business and academia to come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of today’s evolving marketplace and find new ways to translate scientific discoveries into pioneering products that today’s consumers want to buy.

Emerging themes for the 2020 programme include:

  • New research and commercial applications from the gut-brain axis
  • Next-gen probiotics: Who, what & why?
  • Clinical trials in the microbiome: Including trial design and guidelines
  • Understanding of mechanisms of action
  • Prebiotic innovation
  • Weight management: Old hat or the next big thing?
  • Retaining credibility in a crowded market
  • Stamping out fake claims in the online world
  • E-commerce and cross-border trade
  • Education of consumers and healthcare professionals
  • Quality control and technical challenges of manufacturing
  • Bacterial phages
  • Convergence of food and pharma in the microbiome
  • DNA testing and end-product quality control
  • MyMicrobiome: The influence of microbiome modulators on the personalised nutrition space

Join us in Dublin for three days of engaging content, discussions and networking opportunities​ to help you broaden your knowledge and make those all-important connections. 


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