Probiotics: The Path to Better Digestive Health through Quality Clinical Trials

Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

Today’s hectic lifestyle is increasingly linked to digestive health issues. Numerous external influences including stress, travel, illness and antibiotic use can disrupt the intestinal microbiota, potentially leading to diarrhea and discomfort. These and other functional gastrointestinal symptoms—such as mild constipation and bloating—are potentially mitigated by administration of properly selected probiotic bacteria. With more than half of the population reporting at least one of these symptoms, the quest for digestive health solutions is poised to continue. As the market continues to soar, probiotics are appearing in innovative new products around the globe.  Documentation of key benefits through well designed clinical trials is key in shaping the current and future digestive health marketplace.  In this session, we will briefly present global digestive health market trends, as well as new probiotic clinical study data supporting the effect of probiotics on key measures of digestive health.


Dr. Gregory Leyer Gregory Leyer Global Business Development Director - Consumer Healthcare
DuPont Nutrition & Health

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