Unknown Thoughts. How to reduce competition on the shelf

Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

Creativity, invention, and innovation in food, beverage and supplements are those concepts that differentiate themselves from what others have already done. The problem is, new products that get developed are no different, or slightly different from those currently being sold. How can a product sell in a competitive market – how to gain space on a crowded shelf full-of liquid color? What allows a product to sell with better profitability so you don’t have to try and “break-even” due to competition?VIRUN’s CEO along with industry innovators will lend insight toward new products and categories that can be created to minimize competition yet maximize margins.


Deepa Shenoy Deepa Shenoy Open Innovation
Amway Global R&D

Philip Bromley Philip Bromley Chief Executive Officer

Scott Doughman Scott Doughman Chief Scientific Officer and CEO
Source-Omega, LLC.

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