IPRONA AG is a worldwide leader in technologically-advanced fruit processing and marketing.

Over the past four decades, our company has developed proprietary technologies and introduced innovative natural ingredients for the global nutraceutical market. Our product range includes berry extracts, as well as infusions and food colorants.

IPRONA is the original developer and manufacturer of ElderCraft®​ European Black Elderberry Extract and owns the exclusive rights to sell and market the brand worldwide. 

“ElderCraft®​ Cold&Flu” is approved by Health Canady as an ingredient for Class I supplements and the US FDA has approved claims for ElderCraft®​ as well.

At IPRONA AG we pride ourselves not just on the unparalleled quality of our berries, but also on our business ethics and environmental impact as suppliers. Because the supply chain is fully controlled by IPRONA, including storage and pre-processing, we embrace the implementation of full traceability, in which baskets of fruit are specifically labelled and allow a finished extract to be precisely tracked back to its farm of origin. The in-house supply chain incorporates cooperation with both farmers and regulatory authorities regarding allowed pesticides and fungicides.

IPRONA is certified fully to ISO 14001, the voluntary international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system.

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