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Blackmores announces appointment of Richard Henfrey as new CEO

Blackmores chairman Stephen Chapman announced today the appointment of Richard Henfrey as the company’s new CEO, following the resignation of former CEO Christine Holgate.

Blackmores has appointed a new CEO after Christine Holgate's resignation.

TSI receives first ever exclusive CFDA licence to produce HMB in China

Health product manufacturer TSI Group has announced the approval of the first ever China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) Manufacturing Licence for β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate (HMB) production in China.

Australian study affirms vitamin D’s ability to lower type 2 diabetes risk

Vitamin D could be useful in preventing the development of type 2 diabetes, an Australian population-based study has found.

Reversing weight loss and malnutrition in cancer patients: The benefits of a multidisciplinary approach

A multidisciplinary approach to nutrition could be vital to reversing weight loss and malnutrition in colorectal cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, a Chinese study has found.

Probiotics a possible treatment for jaundice in newborn babies: Chinese meta-analysis

Probiotic supplementation might be able to safely and effectively treat jaundice in babies, a Chinese systematic review and meta-analysis found, but researchers say better quality data is required.

Skate cartilage extract found to have protective effects against liver damage: South Korean study

Cartilage extracted from the skate fish can protect against liver damage, according to a recent South Korean study.

Heart disease, stroke present highest mortality risk for elderly with high BMI: Singapore study

Cardiovascular disease and stroke are the two main causes of mortality in overweight and obese individuals aged 65 and above, according to a study led by the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Study on choline intakes suggests eggs or supplements are only way to get enough

A study published this month using NHANES data reinforces that choline is an underconsumed nutrient, and concludes that it is very difficult to get enough in the diet without eating eggs or using a dietary supplement.

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