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The Microbiome Through the Life Stages: Life Stage Probiotics in a Digital World

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The Microbiome Through the Life Stages: Life Stage Probiotics in a Digital World

The terrain for developing and marketing probiotics is changing fast. Research into the human microbiome and how its impact on health varies over the course of a lifetime is revolutionising the therapeutic applications of probiotics. In tandem with this, the rapidly evolving online retail space is providing industry with a unique way of gauging the level of consumer satisfaction with their products. The strategic value of this, however, is far from being optimised.

Lumina Intelligence’s​ research covers 20 key markets globally, capturing close to 2,500 brands and brand variants of probiotic products, comprising supplements, cosmetics, juice and kombucha. We closely examine the consumer engagement generated by these products in terms of product reviews and ratings. This data demonstrates, for example, that consumers are, on the whole, much more satisfied with probiotic products than some observers may previously have believed. It also shows the direction in which probiotics are moving, namely towards life stage products whose relevance is easy for consumers to grasp and whose benefits are equally easy to observe.

This paper examines consumer engagement and the move towards life stage probiotic products, based on data collected in December 2017, June 2018 and December 2018.”


  • Introduction
  • It’s time to listen to the consumer
  • Probiotics supplements enjoy highest consumer engagement
  • The bugs and us – a lifelong relationship
  • The first 1,000 days matter
  • Colic and diarrhoea the most common infancy problems
  • Young women most prone to Irritable Bowel Disease
  • Probiotics underutilised in Sports Nutrition
  • Seniors – content with probiotic constipation relief
  • Recommendations

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