For more than 120 years, Dole’s mission has been to deliver high quality fresh and packaged fruit with positive impact on people, planet, and prosperity. At Dole Asia Holdings, we are inspired by the spirit of “Sampo Yoshi”, a philosophy that views the well-being of society and business as interdependent, and ensures that business is beneficial to the seller, buyer and to the community.  The promise is bigger than ourselves.

Dole Specialty Ingredients (DSI) is a B2B business unit in Dole, specializing in the supply of high value natural ingredients for F&B, Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical Industry. The purpose of this business unit is to create a circular economy; repurposing organic waste and paving the path for new innovations focused on high value natural ingredients.

Dole Specialty Ingredients (DSI’s) 100% natural green banana powder is produced by the minimal processing of freshly harvested green bananas from sustainably managed Dole’s banana plantations. Green banana is naturally rich in resistant starch, aids in better gut health and improves maintenance of the digestive system. GBP is also rich in minerals. Because GBP is naturally processed, it comes with a promise of nutrition and functionality. It also a has low sugar content, is neutral tasting and is vegan in nature.

Pineapple Fiber Powder (PFP) is produced by the minimal processing of pineapple pomace (processed pulp). It is a free-flowing powder with a neutral taste, rich is dietary fibre and minerals. It is nutrient dense, has no chemicals and additives, and is also clean label. PFP is rich in dietary fibre and is a source of proteolytic enzymes.

GBP and PFP have a wide range of successful applications. These include usage in bakery products, nutrition bars, plant-based milk, and soups etc.

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