Tate & Lyle (Singapore)

Tate & Lyle (Singapore)

We are a global provider of ingredients and solutions for the food, beverage and industrial markets, operating for over 160 years.

We draw our inspiration from three key ingredients: our purpose of Improving Lives for Generations; our technical expertise and deep understanding of the food and beverage market; and our portfolio of high-quality products and ingredients.

What is it we do? Simply put, we make healthy food tastier and tasty food healthier. Our work is driven by consumer health needs and trends, governments desire to build and support healthy communities, and the need for affordable food and nutrition in many parts of the world. We deliver ingredients and solutions to meet all these needs. Our speciality sweeteners and fibres help reduce sugar and calories. Our fibres fortify food and improve digestive health. Our texturants and stabilising systems help extend shelf-life and make food manufacturing easier. Our bulk sweeteners deliver great tasting products at an affordable cost. And our industrial starches give strength to the packaging used to deliver online goods to millions of homes every day.

All in all, we want to help people all over the world make healthier and tastier food and drink choices, whilst supporting our communities and caring for our planet, not just today but for the future.

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