Hot Right Now: Indian nutraceutical pioneer's career move, chicken essence's benefits on working memory, the case for personalised nutrition and more

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The benefits of essence of chicken on the working memory is one of the most read stories on the social media. ©BRAND's Suntory Facebook
The benefits of essence of chicken on the working memory is one of the most read stories on the social media. ©BRAND's Suntory Facebook

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Read more about our stories that are trending on the social media right now, including the benefits of essence of chicken on working memory, the case for genetic testing and personalised nutrition, and an Indian nutraceutical pioneer's move to Tirupati Group.
Daily consumption of essence of chicken strengthens working memory: Suntory-funded meta-analysis

Consuming essence of chicken (EC) daily has shown to improve the working memory, according to a meta-analysis of seven RCTs.

The meta-analysis funded by BRAND’s Suntory Asia, was conducted by researchers from the National University of Singapore and the National University Hospital of Singapore. It was recently published in Nutritional Neuroscience​.

The researchers studied the effects​ of consuming essence of chicken daily by analysing seven RCTs and found that it could improve working memory.

Early detection is early prevention: TCI Gene on genetic testing and personalised nutrition benefits

The early detection and prevention of diseases are crucial benefits that genetic testing and personalised nutrition can provide, especially when it comes to ageing healthily, according to personalised health firm TCI Gene.

Speaking at our recent Healthy Ageing APAC Summit​ 2019 in Singapore, chief supervisor of the nutrigenomic department at TCI Gene Dr Rebecca Chan said that the advent of genetic testing had led to the ability to predict diseases.

"Having an annual health check-up is different from a genetic test - A health check offers early detection and early treatment. A genetic test offers early detection and early prevention,"​ she said. 

Indian nutraceutical pioneer joins Tirupati Group in wake of US50m cash injection

The founder of Indian trade association the Expert Nutraceutical Advisory Council Sandeep Gupta has joined​ the Tirupati Group as Global President and Chief Strategic Officer, just weeks after the company secured $50m of funding from private equity firm Affirma Capital.

Tirupati is a nutraceutical-focussed contract research and manufacturing company formed in India in 2005.

It manufactures protein supplements, ayurvedic / herbal supplements, multivitamins, minerals, fortified food and beverages, sports nutrition and pre / probiotic products for more than 200 customers across multiple dosage and packaging forms. 

Super antioxidant for skin health: Singaporean start-up launches beauty food with SOD-rich lemons

Singaporean start-up Innoso has developed a superoxide dismutase (SOD)-rich beauty food aimed at producing anti-ageing, skin whitening and brightening effects.

SOD is categorised as a primary antioxidant which produces superior antioxidant effect as compared to secondary antioxidants such as vitamin C and CoQ10.

Selling under the brand name Lumina, the firm spent one year fine-tuning the formula consisting of emerald lemon extract – the source of SOD, golden yeast, and beta-glucan, Nutraingredients-Asia learnt from​ senior product manager Cecilia Ng.

Chronological vs biological’: Chromadex aims to use personalised nutrition as means to revolutionise ageing

Personalised nutrition and other specific therapeutic functions with a focus on changing the concept of ageing are the way forward for ChromaDex’s flagship nicotinamide riboside (NR) supplement, said the firm.

Speaking to NutraIngredients-Asia​ ​during the Healthy Ageing APAC Summit in Singapore, ChromaDex founder and executive chairman Frank Jaksch said that the new safety studies conducted on Tru Niagen – the company’s signature NR product – has showed potential for use in personalised nutrition.

The safety study​ published in Scientific Reports​ found that NR can be safely consumed at the dosage of 100mg, 300mg, and 1,000mg in 132 healthy overweight adults.

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