Japan focus: Kirin LC-Plasma’s COVID symptom-relief effects, Lypo-C’s expansion ambitions, DyDo DRINCO’s dual-function supplement and more

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This round-up features LC-Plasma’s potential as adjunctive care for mild COVID-19, Lypo-C’s plans to grow its overseas presence, DyDo DRINCO’s dual-action supplement for eyes and sleep, latest research findings, and more.

Collagen peptide reduces post-exercise muscle soreness, fatigue in middle-aged men – RCT

The supplementation of collagen peptide has shown to reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness and fatigue in middle-aged men, making it a potential sports nutrition candidate.

Researchers from Nippon Sport Science University and Tokyo-based Nippi Inc said that based on the findings, collagen peptide intake could ease and improve exercise performance.

Muscle soreness peaked immediately after the exercise load and was significantly higher than pre-exercise, according to the visual analog scale (VAS).

Innovation and expansion: Japan liposomal vitamin C brand Lypo-C seeks overseas growth

Japan’s liposomal vitamin C supplement brand Lypo-C is hoping to grow its overseas presence, including in Singapore where its local partner firm, Whitetree Health and Beauty, is looking to launch the product with more retailers and distributors.

Lypo-C is the innovation of Kanagawa-based SPIC Corporation, developed by Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa, president of SPIC Salon Medical Clinic, as well as the director of the Infusion Care Research Society.

Made in the form of liquid sachets, each sachet contains nano-sized vitamin C encapsulated in liposomes. Each liposome is about 100 nanometres in size. The vitamin C used is DSM’s Scotland-produced Quali-C.

LC-Plasma’s symptom-relief effects show promise as adjunctive treatment for COVID-19 – Kirin and Nagasaki University

Joint research by Kirin Holdings and Nagasaki University has found that Lactococcus lactis​ strain Plasma (LC-Plasma) could hasten recovery of smell and taste dysfunction caused by COVID-19, which will further drive R&D in the postbiotic’s use in pharmaceutical drugs.

Findings from the study were presented at the 63rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Respiratory Society on April 30 this year.

The two organisations have jointly filed a patent application for the findings, in the hope that LC-Plasma would become a new treatment or adjunctive care for patients with mild COVID-19.

Eyeing the elderly market: DyDo DRINCO’s new FFC seeks to fulfil demand for dual-function supplements in Japan  

Japanese firm DyDo DRINCO intends to delve further into the health foods category targeted at the aged population, following the launch of its dual-action supplement that it says helps reduce eye fatigue and improve sleep quality.

“We believe that the demand for such dual-function supplements has risen in Japan, as more seniors have increased the use of computers and smartphones due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As they go out less, more people are suffering from eye fatigue and poor sleep quality.

“In Japan’s supplements industry, the eye care market is large while the sleep support market is growing. However, products that care for both the eyes and sleep are few,” ​Naoki Fujimoto of DyDo DRINCO’s healthcare department told NutraIngredients-Asia​.

Japan RCT supports γ-tocopherol’s potential to improve some PMS symptoms​ 

Intake of γ-tocopherol (γ-toc) for seven weeks has been shown to reduce premenstrual (PMS) symptoms, and particularly those related to water retention during the luteal phase.

Compared to those who did not take γ-toc, significant results were noted for physical symptoms such as “swelling of the legs” and “heavy legs”; as well as for mood symptoms like fatigue and irritability or anger.

Scientists from Otsuka Pharma and two other Japanese hospitals noted that the improvement in PMS symptoms was accounted for by the ability of a γ-toc metabolite to rid the body of salt (sodium) and water.

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