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Healthy Ageing 2019

Healthy Ageing 2019

In an age of ever longer life, staying healthy and well for longer is the aim of the game and healthy ageing is big business.

Indeed, demand for nutrition and food products suitable for the elderly population will soar, while younger people are increasingly aware that the nutrition and health choices they make today will affect their quality of life in older age.

In an age where there is such a core focus on maintaining health, avoiding chronic disease, and remaining physically and mentally active as we age, there is much opportunity for innovation.

The NutraIngredients Healthy Ageing online conference will combine insights from top researchers and business leaders to investigate the main risk factors for ageing, and where nutrition and supplements can play a vital role to slow down ageing and maintain health as we get older.

From consumer demands and expectations, key demographic targets, and the ingredients, products, and brands driving this trend, our Healthy Ageing conference will provide vital insights on the category that is set to dominate the future.

For our full program of webinars and to find out more about our speakers and sponsors, please visit the Healthy Ageing 2019 website at

Malnutrition in older adults; Food and supplemental approaches to ward off nutritional gaps

Local: GMT

Ingredients for Healthy Aging

Local: GMT

A review of clinical studies in elderly populations

Local: GMT

Senior consumer needs – gearing products and marketing for the ‘young at heart’

Local: GMT

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