Immunity & Clinical Trials/ Emerging Research

Immunity & Clinical Trials/ Emerging Research

With heightened interest in the category, it is vital that immunity products have credible scientific evidence and are marketed responsibly.

In this edition, we’ll shine the spotlight on the companies that are investing in gold-standard immunity trials and pushing the boundaries when it comes to emerging research across the industry, including those assessing potential adjunctive therapies in the fight against COVID-19. We’ll also be discussing how to translate high science into understandable communication for consumers, as well as looking at the practical challenges posed to research by the pandemic.


Dr. Samuel JK Abraham Dr. Samuel JK Abraham Head of R&D
GN Corporation (Japan)

Ankur Bhamu Ankur Bhamu Heads of Sales and Business Development

Dr. Daisuke Fujiwara Dr. Daisuke Fujiwara Deputy General Manager, Health Science Department

Dato’ Dr. Rajen Manicka Dato’ Dr. Rajen Manicka Manicka
Holista Colltech

Dr. Amanda Rao Dr. Amanda Rao Founder and Principal Investigator
RDC Clinical

Dr. Priyali Shah Dr. Priyali Shah Lead Scientist
Tata NQ

Gary Scattergood Gary Scattergood Editor-in-Chief
FoodNavigator-Asia & NutraIngredients-Asia