Immunity and Botanicals

Immunity and Botanicals

Asia-Pacific’s vast array of botanicals and herbals provide a hotbed for innovation, with the traditional benefits of both Ayurveda and TCM being widely acknowledged by consumers.

In this event, we’ll be examining which ingredients are resonating with consumers, the latest research findings and new advances in standardisation and quality. We’ll also drill down into the best examples of format innovation and delivery systems, as well as looking at how botanical products could potentially complement conventional treatments to boost immune health.


Sarah Culverhouse Sarah Culverhouse Head of Education
McPherson’s Health

Brett Friedman Brett Friedman Healthcare Consultant
Blackmores Institute

Sandeep Gupta Sandeep Gupta Founder and CEO
Expert Nutraceutical Advocacy Council (ENAC) India

Joerg  Schnackenberg Joerg Schnackenberg Head of Technical Marketing

Nalin Sood Nalin Sood CEO and Co-Founder
Teamonk Global

Dr. George Thouas Dr. George Thouas Head of Research & Development
Max Biocare

Gary Scattergood Gary Scattergood Editor-in-Chief
FoodNavigator-Asia & NutraIngredients-Asia