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SPOTLIGHT ON - Postbiotics: Navigating the Path to Commercialization

SPOTLIGHT ON - Postbiotics: Navigating the Path to Commercialization

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As a rapidly emerging category in the biotic space, postbiotics offer great potential in the food and beverage industry, especially those in which probiotics cannot thrive. However, consumer confusion around its definition, the regulatory landscape in different countries, and quantification methods remain significant hurdles. This Spotlight On broadcast will delve into the challenges faced in the commercialization of postbiotics.

We will discuss the various preparation methods for postbiotics and their impact on composition and activity. We will also address ways to educate consumers about the differences between pre/pro/postbiotics in order to establish a common terminology. Join us to gain insights into the complex landscape of postbiotics and discover effective strategies to overcome these challenges.


DR Chyn Boon Wong Chyn Boon Wong Assistant Manager, Marketing and Scientific Affairs
Morinaga Milk Industry

Doris Huang Doris Huang Food Regulatory Consultant, Food Business Division
CIRS Group

Dr. Gabriel Vinderola Gabriel Vinderola Principal Researcher
National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET)

Jennie Milsom Jennie Milsom Commercial Content Editor and Host