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Maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure

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Maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure

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The Mediterranean is home to one of the most beneficial diets for cardiovascular health. Its wide variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans and healthy fats in the form of olive oil, along with limited intake of red meats, has been clinically tested on numerousin numerous occasions, with significant benefits to prevent chronic disease and increase overall longevity (1, 2). Due to its numerous benefits, it is no wonder that it has been considered on numerous occasions as the best overall diet (3).



Sometimes, following a heart-healthy diet can be challenging, and as we age, it becomes more difficult for our body to maintain a healthy weight and blood pressure levels. To this end, we have developed a botanical-based blend called Metabolaid. It is comprised of lemon verbena leaf and hibiscus calyx extracts, both well-known plants in the Mediterranean that have been used for centuries in the form of teas and beverages for several ailments. The extracts used are highly purified in anthocyanins and phenylpropanoids (mainly verbascoside), which are strong polyphenols with numerous known benefits. We have shown that under the right combination of active compounds, these two extracts present a complementarycomplimentary and synergistic effect in activating AMPK (4), a metabolic switch that induces the body to break down endogenous fat and use it as fuel for the muscles. Several clinical studies have proven that Metabolaid can help lower body weight in overweight and obese individuals, particularly by reducing abdominal fat mass (5-7). These results have been observed even in absence of changes in the diet or level of physical activity, although more relevant results were observed when a healthy diet and regular exercise accompanied product intake.




More recently, we have also elucidated that Metabolaid can contribute to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Specifically, two independent clinical studies have been published this year, with slightly hypertensive individuals (8, 9). Both studies assessed blood pressure for 24 hours using the gold-standard in continuous blood pressure monitoring. This technique provides a deeper knowledge of the effect of the ingredient on blood pressure more so than taking a single measurement in the clinic, as is commonly found with other ingredients in the scientific literature.

Both studies revealed similar results; Metabolaid significantly lowers blood pressure starting at two weeks of intake, and maintains this blood pressure level for as long as the product is being taken. Other parameters related to cardiovascular health have also been reported to significantly improve, such as higher nighttime dipper (low levels are known to be a sign of cardiovascular disease risk) and lower pulse pressure (the difference between systolic and diastolic pressure. A high pulse pressure is correlated with blood vessel stiffness).  When the results were compared to other studies using different botanical-based ingredients, it was revealed that Metabolaid has an overall superior effect on blood pressure, at a lower dosage.  




Metabolaid has been a finalistbeen finalist in several industry awards for the past several years, and last year received two industry awards for Innovation in the Weight Management Category, in the Nutraingredients Awards of Vitafoods USA (10) and the Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) Awards (11). In the case of the former, the judges stated to be “…swayed by the published clinical studies which could provide for attractive claims to back this polyphenolic ingredient.”


In conclusion, Metabolaid is a unique multi-function blend, based on popular plants of the Mediterranean, that contributes to maintaining a healthy body weight, blood pressure, and heart health parameters.


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