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Probiotic and ubiquinol: An immune support and heart health duo
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Probiotic and ubiquinol: An immune support and heart health duo

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In a post-pandemic world, we increasingly read of the role of compounds that modulate mitochondrial function, support the immune system and inhibit inflammation, thereby supporting our overall health.

COVID-19 has increased consumer awareness of the importance of a healthy immune system, and customers are looking for natural solutions. The gut is the main interaction site between the immune system and external microorganisms, and supporting the microbiome helps support the immune system.

Equally, the gut microbiota has been shown to play a role in regulating lipid metabolism and cholesterol excretion. The WHO estimates that globally, hyperlipidaemia is associated with more than 4 million deaths per year and presents a major disease burden across the medical system.

Our body contains as many bacteria as human cells and many more bacterial genes than human ones.1​ Around 2,000 bacterial species have been described in the human intestine alone.2​ Lifestyle changes have changed our microbiota, impacting our health and wellbeing.3,4​ Probiotic foods and supplements help our microbiota better deal with these changes.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines probiotics as probiotic strains with:    

  • A specific mechanism of action
  • An identifiable Genus, species and strain code
  • Demonstrable lack of safety concerns
  • At least one controlled clinical trial5,6,7​   

Kaneka Corporation, together with AB-BIOTICS, has been working together to develop a new generation of probiotic products. Combining scientifically validated probiotic combinations, Kaneka Ubiquinol and AB-BIOTICS deliver innovative and efficacious product health and wellbeing solutions. 

The partners will launch two world-first scientifically-validated formulations combining Probiotics plus Ubiquinol,​ the active form of Coenzyme Q10, for heart health and immune support. The formulated contains ubiquinol and 1 billion CFU of 3 patented probiotic strains - L. plantarum KABP™ 011; L. plantarum KABP™ 012 and L. plantarum KABP™ 013.

Ubiquinol-probiotic combination formulation benefits

  • Reduces the incidence of infection, enhancing systemic immunity (Mañé et al. 2011)
  • Boosts immune protection by increasing production of antibodies after influenza vaccination (Bosch et al. 2012)
  • Improves digestive health and general nutritional status in elders (Bosch et al. 2011)
  • Reduces bad cholesterol (LDL-C) and increases good cholesterol (HDL-C) in hypercholesterolemic adults (Fuentes et al. 2016, Espadaler et al. 2019)
  • Significantly reduces triglyceride levels (Fuentes et al. 2016, Espadaler et al. 2019)
  • Improves statin effectiveness, including natural statin Monacolin K (Espadaler et al 2019, Guerrero-Bonmatty et al. 2021)
  • Helps decrease statin side effects (Zlatohlavek et al. 2012)

Why probiotics + ubiquinol?

The synergistic combination of probiotics and ubiquinol targets customers at the microbiota and cellular level, providing a dual approach to treatment. Ubiquinol has been prescribed therapeutically since 2007 for heart and cellular energy function. 

AB-BIOTICS produces clinically trialled probiotics, with clearly defined methods of action across a wide variety of applications, including healthy cholesterol, heart, and immune function.

Combining probiotics and ubiquinol delivers clinically supported therapeutic outcomes to your consumers in the categories of immune, heart, and healthy cholesterol.

Probiotics + ubiquinol — Immune innovation in a post COVID-19 world

AB-BIOTICS has developed a complex of probiotic strains with five mechanisms of action for the immune system, including anti-pathogenic and anti-inflammatory activity, increasing immune response, normalising and rebalancing microbiota, and immunosenescence protection.8,9,10

Combining these probiotics with the antiviral, immune-enhancing, and energy production benefits of Ubiquinol creates an innovative class of probiotics that supports the immune health of customers across all stages of adult life.11

Probiotics + ubiquinol — Supporting the microbiota's role in lipid metabolism 

AB-BIOTICS has developed a clinically validated probiotic complex that has been shown to decrease bad cholesterol (LDL-C) and increase good cholesterol (HDL-C) in hypercholesterolemic adults12,13​ significantly reduce triglyceride levels12,13 ​and improve statin effectiveness.13,14  ​This complex supports lifestyle management and medication treatment options, appealing to a wide customer base in the cholesterol management segment. Ubiquinol supports healthy cholesterol and heart health by lowering LDL cholesterol and providing potent antioxidant support.

Supporting the microbiota's role in lipid metabolism with probiotics and ubiquinol provides a clinically effective tool for healthy cholesterol management in the Australian market.    


For decades, Kaneka has been manufacturing ubiquinol, a vitamin-like nutrient produced directly in the human body, through an eco-friendly yeast fermentation process, mimicking the major and most active (non-oxidized) form of Coenzyme Q10 in the body, found in over 500 brands across 50 countries globally. 

Extensive safety studies confirm Kaneka Ubiquinol is fully safe. (Hosoe et al. 2007). ​Since the onset of Covid-19, the recommendation by healthcare practitioners of Ubiquinol, the active form of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10, ubiquinone, ubidecarenone), has accelerated substantially due to the mitochondrial energy production required to support healthy organs, including heart health and other large organs. Studies have shown a correlation between Ubiquinol depletion and heart dysfunction (Chen et al. Nutrients 2018) and the role of Ubiquinol supplementation to support heart health.(Chase et al. 2019)

Research about Kaneka’s ubiquinol technology, shows substantial support for the ingredient as an efficacious nutritional supplement. Clinical research has shown that over 99% of the total plasma CoQ10 in healthy persons is in the form of Ubiquinol. With age and disease, the body's ability to produce Ubiquinol is compromised, and true Ubiquinol deficiencies are prevalent in ageing demographics. 

Further research has demonstrated that the oxidized form of CoQ10 that has been in the market for three decades is not an as powerful compound as the body-preferred Ubiquinol. Subsequently, many consumers have started to switch to the new reduced and bioactive form.

Quality you can trust 

Established in 1949, Kaneka has a proud history in complementary medicine in Australia with CoQ10 and Ubiquinol. Working with its subsidiary AB-BIOTICS to combine Ubiquinol with world-class Probiotics manufactured in Europe allows Kaneka to continue delivering cutting-edge therapeutics that future-proof your product range and provide clinically validated results for your customers.

For more information on the Kaneka Probiotics + Ubiquinol products contact Albert Royo at eblb@no-ovbgvpf.pbz


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