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Why peptides are poised to capture growth in heart health and sports nutrition
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Why peptides are poised to capture growth in heart health and sports nutrition

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The power of peptides is unlocking opportunities to manage human health. With researchers showing peptides have applications in areas such as heart health and sports nutrition, the molecules are poised to help manufacturers address demand in growth areas.

Peptides are protein fragments.1​ While researchers once focused on the effects of amino acids generated in the hydrolysis of proteins, there is now recognition that the small peptides created in the process can avoid being hydrolyzed and pass through the digestive tract to be absorbed and used by the body.2​ The research has shown peptides have various physiological effects and bypass the problem of competitive inhibition between free amino acids when absorbed.

Evidence of what happens to peptides in the body has spurred interest in their effects on various aspects of human health. Blood pressure is one active area of research. A series of clinical trials dating back to the 1990s has found peptides derived from food proteins can significantly reduce blood pressure.3,4​ The studies suggest that peptides have physiological activities, in addition to their nutritional values, that are potentially relevant to the management of chronic diseases including hypertension.

Sports nutrition is another area of research. One study found the administration of a peptide increased the swimming time of mice by 33% to 40%, while also stabilizing blood glucose concentration and cutting blood lactate levels.5​ Another study linked peptide use to a 35% to 57% increase in swimming time.6​ That study found the peptide enhanced exercise endurance and decreased physical fatigue through changes to energy metabolism and oxidative stress.

Other researchers have associated the consumption of peptides with changes in the gut microbiome. By promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, peptides could potentially have local effects in the gut and influence the brain via the microbiota-gut-brain axis.7,8

The evidence of the effect of peptides on blood pressure, exercise endurance and physical fatigue points to a role for the molecules in major markets. More than 1.1 billion people worldwide have hypertension, making high blood pressure a major cause of premature death.9​ Analysts have identified heart health supplements as a growth opportunity as consumers move past the focus on immunity and stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.10

Sports nutrition is another growth opportunity. One analysis valued the global market at $40 billion in 2021.11​ With the US market forecast to record a compound annual growth rate of 8.5% from 2022 to 2030, that figure is set to grow as more consumers seek out products to help improve their endurance and recovery between workouts and events.

Meeting demand for peptides

Angel Yeast, the largest yeast extract supplier in the world, is helping manufacturers to seize the market opportunities created by evidence of the effects of peptides. With Angel Yeast Peptide, the company has created a multifunctional peptide that is a complete protein containing all essential amino acids. The molecular weight of 85% polypeptides is less than 1000 daltons. The peptide is completely water soluble and has a high protein content of more than 85%.

The amino acid composition of the peptide is almost identical to that of yeast protein. Yet, the peptide is free from the smell of yeast, is easily digested and absorbed, quickly provides energy and retains its fluid viscosity even if the solution is heated or exposed to changes in pH.

Researchers have shown those attributes translate into positive outcomes in studies, demonstrating that the peptide has good anti-fatigue and blood pressure lowering functions. In vitro studies showed Angel Yeast Peptide has good angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitory activity, pointing to its positive heart health properties, and works synergistically with probiotics to improve physical performance.

Manufacturers that incorporate Angel Yeast Peptide into their products can use the evidence from those studies to position their products in the heart health and sports nutrition markets, enabling the capture of significant growth opportunities and the realization of the potential of peptides to improve wellbeing.


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