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ABKEFIR™: New Edge in Probiotics & Postbiotics

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ABKEFIR™: New Edge in Probiotics & Postbiotics

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Kefir, originating from the Caucasus region, is a traditional fermented beverage known for its rich probiotic and probiotic metabolites. It has become part of the modern healthy dietary culture passed down through generations.

ABKEFIR™ marks a revolutionary breakthrough in probiotic and postbiotic science, surpassing traditional kefir offerings. At the heart of its innovation is Synbio Tech’s proprietary SYNTEK™ technique, which meticulously preserves all active substances.

This process is essential for maintaining the traditional health benefits of kefir and achieving superior outcomes that are clinically proven to enhance digestive absorption, promote bowel movements, balance microbiota, and resist pathogens.

Discover more about how ABKEFIR™ uniquely supports people to stay healthy and better enjoy their lives.

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