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Pycnogenol® for Sport: eNOS and Beyond

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Pycnogenol® for Sport: eNOS and Beyond

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Engaging in physical activities immediately triggers a number of physiological responses from our body (1). First, our liver glucose output and adipose tissue lipolysis increase along with perspiration (sweating). While our central nervous system is stimulated, it releases hormones to regulate our brain’s blood and oxygen supplies. Our heart rate, blood flow and ventilation rapidly accelerate too, and to do so, our cardio-pulmonary system adjusts to allow more nutrients, energy and oxygen to muscle tissues, and avoid anaerobic build-up of lactic acid. Sufficient muscle oxygenation is facilitated by relaxed blood vessels and improved blood flow, which warrants aerobic energy generation. This increase in oxygen supply translates into acute oxidative stress due to higher production of free radicals in blood and muscles (2).

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