South Asia

Mintel's Yogmaya Chatterjee

India’s food trends: What’s hot and what's not

By Gary Scattergood

Indian consumers are increasingly aware that all fats are not bad, are demanding more products that offer “complete wellness” and are becoming increasingly opening to exploring alternative proteins and natural sugars.

Dr Semanto Halder.

More Asia-specific research needed to improve nutrition knowledge

By Gary Scattergood

More high-quality Asia-specific research on local foods and their impact on the population is needed to help improve nutrition and combat the growing number of diet-related illnesses across the continent, a seminar in Singapore has heard.

How can India beat large-scale childhood malnutrition?

How can India beat large-scale childhood malnutrition?

By Nathan Gray

New strategies that aim to help improve social circumstances as well as invest in nutrition specific programs is vital to fight the widespread childhood undernutrition and stunting in India, say researchers.

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