Biova LLC

Biova LLC

Who We Are:

We believe in the power of whole food nutrition and the importance of reducing food waste in as many ways as possible. We act on those beliefs by sourcing our ingredients from the waste stream of commercial food production and studying the health benefits that come from these upcycled ingredients.

Biova provides water-soluble eggshell membrane (WSEM) ingredients to the dietary supplement, skin care and pet care industries.

We work with some of the largest egg production facilities in the US to reclaim from the waste stream the source material for our ingredients. Through the removal of the membrane, the remaining eggshell is then easier to process into calcium supplementation for feed and fertilizer. Biova’s commitment to sustainability helps to keep over 2 billion eggshells from landfills per year.

Eggshell membrane is a unique ingredient that provides many of the fundamental building blocks for supporting skin and joint health. Naturally occurring compounds include:

  • Collagen
  • Elastin
  • Glycosaminoglycans
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Protein
  • Amino Acids

All these well-known, beneficial components come from one source in nature. They work together to support healthy joints and skin and provide meaningful benefits for our customers.

Our patented manufacturing process produces water-soluble ingredients, which means expanded delivery options for formulators. Because you get so many beneficial compounds from one ingredient, there is no need to try to fit multiple ingredients in one formulation. Biova’s ingredients can be incorporated into traditional tablets and capsules as well as gummies, chews, beverages, stick packs, chocolates, bars, powders, etc.

Biova’s patented ingredients offer clinically​ proven health benefits:


Years of dedicated investment, ongoing scientific research and leading-edge technology are at the core of these all-natural, ultra-pure, nutrient-rich ingredients. Biova continues to invest in new clinical studies and research to gain new understanding into the benefits these ingredients provide. Additionally, we do ongoing proof of concept development to help our customers shorten the time it takes to get to market.

Quality Assurance and Regulatory:

Biova’s ingredients are manufactured in compliance with cGMP standards, and we undergo voluntary USDA audits twice a year as a part of the PEEPEV program. Our rigorous quality management system ensures consistency throughout every lot we produce.

Our ingredients have the following certifications:

  • GRAS
  • NDI
  • Health Canada – NPN issued
  • EU Novel Foods
  • Halal
  • OU Kosher

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