Confidence USA

Confidence USA

Long History of cGMP Certifications

Confidence USA is a well-established manufacturer and distributor of high-quality nutritional products with a long history of membership to Natural Products Association and UL GMP programs. Confidence USA has been certified every year for good manufacturing compliance, and more recently, adopted the UL certification program including Certificate of Inspection for the manufacturing, bulk, packaging, and warehousing of dietary supplements, as well as Certificate of Conformance for Process Retail Certification and Management System, all with excellent score records. These certifications are issued by UL and accredited by NPA, ANAB, IAF and ILAC.


Taking Quality Standards to a New Level

Confidence USA has been registered with the FDA (No. 10362791850) since starting their operation decades ago, with a keen understanding and compliance to FDA guidelines. Over the past few years, their in-house quality system has become stronger than ever, taking GMP standards to the next level, above and beyond basic requirements. Every raw material undergoes a stringent testing protocol including 100% identification, assay, heavy metal screening and microbial analysis. Before being released to market, each finished product is further reviewed against strict specifications for blending homogeny, assay and label claim, heavy metal screening, microbial analysis, pesticide residues and residual solvents.


Meeting the Demands of New Consumers

Additionally, Confidence USA has adapted to growing requirements and demands of consumers around the world, recently achieving USDA Organic, non-GMO and Vegan certifications.


With over 3 million loyal customers around the world, Confidence USA has never been better and stronger!