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DSM’s new clear carotenoid solutions are nature-identical colorants that allow for the replacement of azo dyes, to help manufacturers meet consumer demand for natural-looking, transparent beverages such as energy drinks, flavored waters, soft drinks and sports drinks. These colorants are taste neutral, as components that can cause off-flavors such as d-Limonene or tween are not used in the delivery system.

With the number of people opting for a more natural, organic or additive-free diet continuing to grow, consumers are increasingly aware of the ingredients that color their favorite foods and beverages. The solutions allow customers to create brightly colored beverages that are crystal clear, with a neutral taste and superior stability.

As a fully backward integrated and leading supplier of carotenoids worldwide, DSM is committed to developing ingredients to meet customers’ needs and help them create more natural beverages with attractive cost in use and the highest safety and quality standards.

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Why HMOs are critical to infant nutrition

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Why HMOs are critical to infant nutrition

The first 1,000 days of an infant’s life are critical. In that window from conception to a child’s second birthday, the availability of certain nutrients has lasting effects on everything from the brain to the immune system.