Vitality Wellness (NZ) Limited

Vitality Wellness (NZ) Limited

Vitality Wellness (NZ) Ltd (VWNZ) started operations in June 2017 and is registered in Rangiora, North Canterbury, New Zealand. (VWNZ) trades as Vitalitynz with its primary function being developing natural health and wellness solutions, dietary supplements, ingredients, and functional foods. Vitalitynz was co-founded by company directors David Eder and Jim Grierson.

In 2019, Vitality Wellness (Singapore) Pte; Ltd was registered as a wholly own subsidiary of (VWNZ) with resident director Michael Dunsire. The company produces seven dietary health supplements which are formulated based on the proven benefits of New Zealand blackcurrant berries: Brain Shield, Active Health, Digestive Health, Eye Health, Immunity Health, Omega Health and Women’s Health.

A scientific breakthrough by Associate Professor Jian Guan of the New Zealand Centre for Brain Research, which discovered that New Zealand blackcurrant berries contain high levels of cyclic Glycine-Proline (cGP), a neuropeptide, allowed Vitalitynz to develop its novel patented blackcurrant berry supplement Brain Shield. Brain Shield delivers a daily dose of natural cGP designed to boost brain functioning and protect cognitive ability.

Vitalitynz is developing a personal non-invasive urine cGP test Aptamer and reader due for release in October 2020 so that people can supplement with cGP if required.

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