Food Vision Asia

The president of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia, Dr E-Siong Tee.


Malaysia’s obesity crisis: Time for less talk and more funding for action

By Gary Scattergood

“We’re good at publishing obesity plans, but not funding action”: That’s how the president of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia Dr E-Siong Tee has described his country’s efforts at improving health in a nation where one-in-two adults are overweight or...

Dr Regina Moench-Pfanner (r) discusses efforts to improve nutrition at Food Vision Asia. ‘Where there is high rice consumption, it is important to improve rice’

Dispatches from Food Vision Asia 2016

Multi-partner efforts light path to better nutrition

By Shane Starling from Singapore

On-the-ground programmes in Singapore and beyond are significantly boosting nutrition levels for population groups that need it the most – like migrant workers – the inaugural Food Vision Asia congress was told this month.

David seeks Goliath to make nutrient-rich yeast protein for the poor

Food Vision Asia 2016

David seeks Goliath to make nutrient-rich yeast protein for the poor

By RJ Whitehead

In a country where more than 120m malnourished children depend on a school lunch programme for their nutrition, India would benefit most from a form of protein which is dirt cheap to produce, and just as importantly, is suitable for a vegan diet. 


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