Top five China nutrition and supplement stories of 2017 — in English and Chinese

By Gary Scattergood

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In 2017, we began publishing a series of our articles in Chinese.
In 2017, we began publishing a series of our articles in Chinese.

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Soaring sales. international strategies and forecasts for the future were among our most read China this stories this year.

Here we reveal our top five China stories, with links to both the English and Chinese versions (just click on the headlines).

With demand for supplements and functional foods showing no sign of slowing in China, it was a story about DuPont's surge in probiotic sales that took the top spot.

Elsewhere, stories featuring the results of our first industry survey proved popular, as did an exclusive interview with new Blackmores CEO Richard Henfrey, who outlined the firm's China expansion strategy.

Here are the top five...

1)​ Probiotics powerhouse: China sales outstripping global average as DuPont reveals 50% surge

Chinese demand for supplements and natural products shows no sign of slowing, but would-be exporters need to be mindful of five key trends shaping the market today in order to secure business success.

益生菌生力军:杜邦公司调查显示,中国的销售量比全球平均销售增长多 50%


2) NutraIngredients-Asia state of the industry survey part 2: Raft of new regulations broadly welcomed by the sector

The raft of new supplement and functional food regulations introduced in the past two years, or those imminently pending, have been broadly welcomed by the industry in APAC, according to the findings of our inaugural State of the Supplements, Health & Nutrition Survey.

NutraIngredients-Asia 行业现状调查第二部分:大批列新规受到业界热烈欢迎


3)​ Blackmores CEO exclusive, part one: 'We can't rely on e-commerce alone for China success'

Blackmores' long-term fortunes in China will be dependent on establishing a successful retail business alongside its current thriving cross-border e-commerce sales, its new CEO told us in an exclusive interview.

Blackmores 公司首席执行官独家专访:"我们不能仅依靠电子商务以在中国取得成功"

Blackmores 公司新任 CEO 在一次独家专访中告诉我们,Blackmores 若想在中国获得长期财富,除了依赖于目前蓬勃发展的跨境电子销售业务,还应建立完善的线下零售渠道。

4) Three key innovations that will help APAC's supplement sector grow by $10bn in five years

Membership services, snack-style products and interactive packaging will help drive Asia-Pacific's supplement sales to US$56bn by 2022 — an almost $10bn increase from 2016's figure.

三项关键创新助力亚太地区营养补充剂行业在 5 年内营业额增长 100 亿美元

会员服务、零食类产品和互动式包装将有助于推动亚太地区的营养补充剂销售额在 2022 年之前达到 560 亿美元,这将比 2016 年增长近 100 亿美元。

5)  NutraIngredients-Asia state of the industry survey part 1: Optimism high and finances buoyant, but new funding still a challenge

Three out of four respondents in the first NutraIngredients-Asia State of the Supplements, Health & Nutrition Survey believe their firms will post better financial results this year than last.

NutraIngredients-Asia 行业现状调查第一部分:乐观情绪高涨,财政繁荣,但新的融资依然面临挑战。

在 NutraIngredients-Asia 首次发布的补充剂、健康和营养调查说明中,有四分之三的受访者认为其公司今年的财务业绩将好于去年。

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