The top 10 most-read food and nutrition research studies in 2019

By Guan Yu Lim

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Top 10 most read food and nutrition research studies in 2019 ©Getty Images
Top 10 most read food and nutrition research studies in 2019 ©Getty Images

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See our top 10 most read food and nutrition research studies for this year, including research looking at chicken essence on memory health, probiotics and diabetes, and mushroom consumption and prostate cancer.
Daily consumption of essence of chicken strengthens working memory: Suntory-funded meta-analysis

Consuming essence of chicken (EC) daily has shown to improve the working memory, according to a meta-analysis of seven RCTs.

The meta-analysis​ funded by BRAND’s Suntory Asia, was conducted by researchers from the National University of Singapore and the National University Hospital of Singapore. It was recently published in Nutritional Neuroscience​.

The researchers studied the effects of consuming essence of chicken daily by analysing seven RCTs and found that it could improve working memory.


Meat and morbidity: Why are Indian vegetarians more likely to be obese than their omnivorous counterparts?

Vegetarian diets in India are more often linked to a higher rate of morbid obesity than non-vegetarian diets, according to a cohort study​ published in The Journal of Metabolic Surgery and Allied Care.

India has the world's largest vegetarian population, with 40% of the country adhering to vegetarian diets. While many believe a vegetarian diet is generally healthier than a non-vegetarian diet, the reverse has been observed when it comes to morbid obesity.

The main reason for this is a 'nutrition transition', which involves whole plant foods being replaced by processed and fried foods, as well as refined carbohydrates.


Personalised diet and supplementation needed to lower Alzheimer's risk: Pharmacology expert

A highly personalised supplementation and diet programme is vital to lowering risk and managing symptoms in Alzheimer's disease, according to an expert​ in neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr Dale Bredesen, a professor of Pharmacology at the University of California, told NutraIngredients-Asia​ there were certain vitamins, supplements and foods that could prevent or slow cognitive decline.

He referred to the ReCODE Protocol, which he had developed to evaluate 150 factors known to contribute to Alzheimer's. This protocol identifies an individual's disease subtype or combination of subtypes so an effective treatment protocol can be devised.


Not all proteins are equal: Leucine triggers muscle protein synthesis more effectively than others – study

Protein supplements containing high amounts of leucine are more effective than others in triggering muscle building synthesis, a kinesiology professor has argued, citing a number of scientific studies.

Dr Stuart Phillips, a professor from McMaster University’s Department of Kinesiology, was speaking at the event “Building towards Sustainable Physical Activity Behaviour” ​organised by International Life Sciences Institute South East Asia (ILSI-SEA) recently.

In his presentation, he highlighted that the amino acid leucine was more effective​ in triggering muscle protein synthesis as compared to the others.


Frequent mushroom consumption associated with reduced prostate cancer risk: Japan cohort study

Habitual mushroom intake may help to prevent prostate cancer, especially in middle-aged and elderly Japanese men, according to the findings of a new cohort study​.

Researchers from Japan believed they were the first to investigate this link, and that their work is “the first cohort study indicating the prostate cancer-preventive potential of mushrooms at a population level​.”

They published their findings on the International Journal of Cancer​.


Curcumin versus NSAIDs: Arjuna's patented ingredient comparable to standard osteoarthritis drugs — RCT

A first-of-its-kind study has found Arjuna Natural's patented curcumin formulation, BCM-95, to be as effective against knee osteoarthritis as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for pain relief.

The clinical study​, conducted by researchers at India's Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation, and City Care Accident Hospital, also reported that the participants did not experience any of the gastric side effects sometimes associated with the use of NSAIDs.

BCM-95 — also called Curcugreen — has been granted a GRAS (generally recognised as safe) status by the US FDA, and has been used in over 50 scientific studies globally. It is also the subject of 50 patents.


Probiotic supplementation may improve indicators associated with type 2 diabetes: RCT

Supplementation with the probiotic Lactobacillus casei can improve glycaemic index in individuals with type 2 diabetes, according to a new RCT​.

Recent studies have shown a link between type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and the gut microbiota, by way of numerous molecular mechanisms. As such, it stands to reason that modulating the gut microbiota using probiotics could help in managing T2DM.

Based on this, researchers at Iran's Tabriz University of Medical Sciences conducted a trial to assess the effect of L. casei​ on glycaemic control and serum sirtuin1 (SIRT1, a protein inversely associated with insulin resistance) and fetuin-A (a blood protein directly associated with insulin resistance) in T2DM patients.


Mounting research on vitamin C's role in cancer and infection may change treatment methods

A growing body of research around vitamin C's role against cancer and infectious diseases is gaining prominence, increasing the vitamin's therapeutic potential for use in medical treatment.

Scientists and doctors in APAC, North America and Europe have been conducting trials​ on the effects of vitamin C on tumours, as well as patients undergoing chemotherapy.

According to Otago University's Professor Margreet Vissers, this coincides with an improved understanding of vitamin C over the last 10 years, especially with regards to pharmacokinetics (the metabolic process) of how it works in the body, as well as its potential in treating cancer, and infectious diseases like pneumonia and sepsis.


High-dose of B vitamins may strengthen brain activity associated with reward and emotion: Blackmores-backed RCT

A high dose of B vitamin supplementation may strengthen brain activity that is associated with reward and emotion, according to an Australian RCT​ funded by Blackmores.

The study investigated the effects of Blackmores’ Executive B Stress Formula on work-related stress, as well as its effects on mood, personality, cardiovascular, and neuroimaging outcomes.

The findings were published in scientific journal Frontiers in Nutrition.


Mushrooms for memory: Singapore study finds beneficial impact against cognitive decline

Researchers at the National University of Singapore (NUS) have drawn a connection between mushroom consumption and cognitive impairment risk in a population study​.

Conducted between 2011 and 2017 by a team from the Department of Psychological Medicine and Department of Biochemistry at the university’s Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, the study surveyed over 600 Singaporean Chinese seniors above 60 years old.

The researchers conducted the study — published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease​ ​— with support from NUS’ Life Sciences Institute and Mind Science Centre, as well as the Ministry of Health’s National Medical Research Council.

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