Trend tracker: Postbiotics’ rise in new product development and research

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Postbiotics’ rise in new product development and research

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The use of postbiotics as the key ingredient in nutraceuticals is becoming more and more common. This round-up looks at the companies that have made strides in this area, including product innovation and research.
Expansion push: South Korean postbiotic supplier seeks overseas entry after domestic boom

South Korea-based postbiotic ingredient and finished product firm Bereum is now pursuing growth in overseas markets following steep growth in the domestic market in the past two years.

The company is behind the postbiotic ingredient EF-2001 isolated from the gut of a healthy infant as well as other postbiotics, namely L. plantarum, L. casei, ​and L. acidophilus​ isolated from kimchi and grape wine.

Robin Jeong, manager of sales, said that the company has been supplying postbiotics to food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies in South Korea, with more than 200 brands using its postbiotics.

Maintaining control: Why consistency and quality control is paramount in postbiotics production

All production processes to make postbiotics products need to have consistency and quality control as crucial components during manufacturing, to ensure the resulting metabolite mixes are unique yet reproducible and safe for consumption.

This was according to Cargill Microbiome Program Manager Dr Briana Kozlowicz, who was presenting on the postbiotics sector at Growth Asia Summit 2022 held in Singapore.

The crucial components of postbiotics that are able to confer health benefits are the metabolites contained in the product, which are small molecules left over by the microorganisms after death – these can include small chain fatty acids, enzymes, lysates, vitamins, amino acids etc, she pointed out.

Pre, pro, and postbiotics: Singapore researcher formulates local strains for human, pet, agricultural use

Singapore firm Biomiii Pte Ltd has launched its very first human supplement consisting the three ‘biotics’, namely pre-, pro-, and postbiotics, which the firm believes is a potent product for correcting gut dysbiosis and improving health.

The firm is co-founded by Dr Chia Tet-Fatt, a research scientist specialising in molecular genetics.

Dr Chia is also the creator of the Miiiome Technology, which allows prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics to be made into supplements and food for human, pets, and agricultural use.     

Immunity coffee: Australian firm creates postbiotic blend in Nespresso-compatible capsules and instant powder

Queensland-based Coffee Roasters Australia has developed a postbiotic coffee blend that is designed to benefit the immune system.

The coffee blend is currently available in capsules compatible with the Nespresso machine and instant freeze-dried powder.

It consists of four heat-killed postbiotics, including Lacticaseibacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium, ​and Lactobacillus rhamnosus.

“Postbiotics promise’: Morinaga on huge opportunities across functional food and beverages​  

Japanese dairy giant Morinaga has detailed how it believes postbiotics hold great promise in the future of functional food and beverages.

Citing data from Innova, Chyn Boon Wong, lead research associate at Morinaga Milk Industry pointed out that over the past five years, 85 per cent of food and beverage, as well as supplements launched in North America, Europe and APAC contained the word postbiotics as part of the product name, description, claims, or ingredients.

So far, Morinaga’s postbiotics ingredient – heat-killed Lacticaseibacillus paracasei ​MCC1849 trademarked LAC-Shield – has been incorporated into over 1,000 types of products in Japan, including bars, cereals, energy drinks, and powder drinks.

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