Brand focus: The 10 most-read stories featuring nutrition brands in year 2022

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The 10 most-read stories featuring nutrition brands in year 2022

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See our 10 most-read brand stories in the year of 2022, featuring developments from GenieBiome, Shinya Koso, Brand’s Suntory, Amway, and Nestle.
Ready to roar: Malaysia’s tiger milk mushroom maker targets overseas growth amid domestic popularity

Malaysia earlier this year saw a strong demand for tiger milk mushroom – an ingredient that has been used as a traditional herbal remedy for immune and respiratory health.

Local tiger milk mushroom supplier Nexus Wise pointed out that the ingredient, alongside vitamin C, cordyceps were trending in the country due to the pandemic.

So far, the company has worked with several local brands such as Bio-Rich in launching products containing tiger milk mushroom and colostrum, immunoglobulin G etc.

Clinical trial validation: Probiotic adjuvant to COVID-19 treatment launches in Singapore

Hong Kong firm GenieBiome launched its research-backed probiotics that have been shown to speed up recovery in COVID-19 patients in Singapore.

GenieBiome Limited is a spin-off of the Center of Gut Microbiota Research under The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

The centre has been studying the Asian gut microbiome for the past 10 years. A government-funded research body, it has to commercialise its research findings, which led to the birth of GenieBiome and G-NiiB – a probiotic supplement brand.

‘Grown up Yakult’: Probiotic beer debuts in Singapore with clinical trial suggests positive microbiota results

A probiotic beer developed by researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) was introduced to the market by start-up Probicient and bar and restaurant chain Brewerkz.

Containing one billion of Lactobacillus paracasei​ L26 per serving, the beer, which contains 4.5 per cent alcohol by volume (ABV), has been available in all Brewerkz outlets on tap since March 1.

It has been sold as ‘Red Billion Probiotic Raspberry Sour Beer’ in the outlets.  

‘The market for active enzymes is immeasurable’: Japan’s Shinya Koso on digestive health, weight management trends

Supplement brand Shinya Koso said it believed that the market for active enzymes products was immeasurable, due to consumers’ concern with digestive health and weight management.

The brand’s existing consumers can be broadly categorised into two groups. The first group is mainly individuals over 40 years old and are consuming the product to maintain their intestinal health.

The other key consumers of Shinya Koso are women in their early 20s to 40s and are concerned with weight management. 

‘Significant positive effects’: South Korea’s AceBiome launching immune probiotic tested on COVID-19 patients

South Korea probiotic firm AceBiome launched an immune formula in April that was the subject of a clinical trial involving COVID-19 patients.

The product is a collaboration with ingredient supplier AB Biotics and contains the firm’s four-strain probiotic blend AB21.

The blend has been shown in a clinical trial to improve COVID-19 in patients, including reduction of viral load, shorten the duration of symptoms and improve the rate of remission.

Sesame goodness: Brand’s Suntory launches new products for brain, heart health in D2C channel

Brand’s Suntory has been expanding its portfolio​ for brain and heart health with new products launched via the direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel in Singapore.

For example, it introduced two products – 1) DHA & EPA + Sesamin EX and 2) Sesamin EX from its parent company Suntory into Singapore.

Both products contain sesamin, an antioxidant found in sesame seeds but is present in low amounts – less than one per cent of each seed. 

Precision probiotics: Amway Korea launches microbiome testing and six new probiotics

Amway Korea launched a precision probiotics service where users can send in their faecal samples for analysis and receive recommendations on which probiotic to take to improve their gut microbiome and increase the production of beneficial short-chain fatty acid.

This is a collaboration with Korea biotech start-up Human Effective Microbes (HEM) Pharma.

The company decides which probiotics to recommend by first assessing the users’ gut microbiome using the Pharmaceutical Meta-Analytical Screening (PMAS) system, said HEM’s CEO Dr. Yosep Ji.

Nestle Malaysia launches pre-diabetes risk assessment website with new glucose control supplement

Nestle Malaysia launched a website assessing pre-diabetic risk for the public alongside its glucose control supplement.

Upon completion of the assessment, those at risk of pre-diabetes will be provided weekly meal plans catered to their individual needs.

Part of the meal recommendations included Nutren GlucoSmart – a glucose control food supplement formulated by the company.

Slowing down ageing: Regenosis targets 100k monthly sales with Buck Institute-backed Alpha-Ketoglutarate supplements

A Singapore firm that counts a leading longevity academic among its ranks outlined ambitious growth plans for its Rejuvant LifeTabs, a calcium-based Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG) formulation that claims to slow down the ageing process.

Clinically​, Regenosis’ AKG supplements have been found to lower the human biological age by approximately eight years after an average use of seven months.

The makers also claimed the supplements could provide more energy, ensure better sleep, assist in weight loss, have body-building effects and create more youthful skin for consumers.

Formulation challenges overcome: Danone’s Souvenaid launched in powder format for price, portability, convenience

Danone launched a powder version of medical nutrition drink Souvenaid, citing price, portability, and convenience as the key considerations behind the innovation.

Souvenaid is a medical nutrition drink for supporting memory function in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, including Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) due to AD.

It has been designed to support synapse formation and address specific nutritional requirements that early AD patients may have due to their disease.

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