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Interest in nutrition, exercising and following a healthy lifestyle has become the focus of an increasing number of consumers, who look to professional athletes as examples of peak physical conditioning.

Nutraingredients went along to HiE and spoke to professional athlete, Joe Welstead on the nutritional demands of his chosen sport and the lessons learnt both in diet and the founding of Motion Nutrition​,​ a UK-based sports nutrition start-up.

We also spoke to Marc Rink, professional Ironman triathlete specialising in middle distance, and asked him for any tips and advice the ordinary gym-goer could take away.

Marc Rink 1
Rink was at HiE in Frankfurt representing Beneo as a Palitinose brand ambassador. ©instagram/marcrinktri

What are you finding to be the biggest drawbacks to the sports nutrition products that you currently use?

“Nutritional products that I have found for performance athletes have thing like flavourings that I really don’t need for my performance.

“For my race nutrition, I have a special mix, but for training there is nothing on the market that I would give to my clients. I think there is a market for high-quality nutrition.”

What supplements or dietary aspects have worked for you and which have you gained little or no benefit from?

“I don’t take many supplements. I am a big fan of natural food-based nutrition. It gives me everything I need. For a normal day’s training I need between 6000-8000 kilocalories (kcal) and because I eat so much food I get all the vitamins and minerals I need.”

Is there anything you take or follow that addresses the mental aspect of a triathlon?

Marc Rink 2
Rink competing at the Frankfurt City triathalon in August this year. ©Instagram/marcrinktri

“Well, there is caffeine that you can take during the race that is mostly for the body but can also work for the mind. It helps you to push past your limits. A combination of carbohydrates and caffeine can work well too.”

As a professional athlete, are there any tips or advice for the consumer to include in their diet to maintain or enhance fitness?

“Well, what I can tell you is if you have 100 grams (g) of carbohydrates in rice or potato, you are consuming a white sugar. So a carbohydrate is not a carbohydrate.

“Compared to a specialised carbohydrate composed of glucose and fructose like Palitinose, one is better for your blood sugar level and the other is worse! There is a big difference.”

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